Natural Flavouring Substances


BFA Laboratoires created in 1989, focuses on the elaboration of original processes in order to obtain natural aromatic molecules.

Our development policy is featured according to market needs. We are very careful about economic limits, that is why we are rewarded by approved patents.


The fact that we have a flexible structure enables us to react quickly to any situation and meet all the requirements which may be submitted to us.

Our product line is divided into two labels:

natural chemicals

  natural extracts


The production is provided by our two affiliated plants

Sicilian Mandarins Indian Black Pepper
Sicilian Mandarins Indian Black Pepper

In order to face the future BFA Laboratoires and its team respect and have undertaken a growth policy based on a simple scheme

The   search for process

The respect for legislation

The transparency we owe to our clients

The limitation of our product line to control our production better

The sale of products in order to meet our clients requirements

Sicilian Lemons

Sicilian Lemons


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